Our upcoming Issue 15 (publishing in early 2021) will have a special feature on:


In this issue of Unravel, we welcome accessible, jargon-free stories and discussions that explore the relationship between language and power. Some possible questions to explore for this special feature include:

+ How ideologies and power structures are constructed or reinforced through language
+ How language interacts with social justice
+ How marginalized communities and individuals reclaim power through language, or use linguistic practices as resistance
              + (For instance: this piece on the reclamation of Indigenous languages)
+ Stories or explorations of linguistic discrimination or issues related to linguistic human rights

+ Or any other original approach you come up with!

As always, we also welcome topics outside the special feature: language profiles, stories on language acquisition, etymology pieces, interviews with noteworthy individuals or teams working on language-related issues.

If you’d like to contribute to Issue 15, please pitch to us by 15 November 2020! (This can be short — we just want to hear about your ideas and potential directions for your piece.)

Once we review your pitch, editors from the Unravel team will work with you towards producing a final draft for publication by 8 January 2021.

More details on submissions: unravellingmag.com/submit

Write to us at: [email protected]