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Kanji: The loveable monsters of the Japanese language

by on February 12, 2015

Learners of the English language often cite English’s ridiculous pronunciation as the biggest impediment towards their mastery of the language. Indeed, why should “dough”, “cough”, “hiccough”, “through” and “thorough” sound so different? It is undeniable that English pronunciation can be quite erratic and is a veritable hell for non-native speakers, but if you think you’ve seen the worst, you’re in for a shock. Which language could possibly have more pronunciations for a certain spelling than English? Well, welcome to the twisted world of the Japanese language, or Nihongo.

Japanese is a very popular choice for people looking to pick up a second or third language worldwide due to the proliferation of Japanese animated cartoons (also known as anime) and comics (manga).  However, its script is a major deterrent to all potential learners—take the whole inventory of Chinese characters, or Kanji, and throw in two more orthographic scripts (Hiragana and Katakana) of roughly 50 characters each and you have the impregnable orthographical triumvirate that is the Japanese writing system. Unfortunately, things get even more complicated from here, as far as the Chinese characters are concerned.

Disclaimer: This article was not written to strike fear in the hearts of those brave warriors attempting to conquer the Japanese language. The problems that are to be discussed in the following paragraphs are not as daunting as they seem. They are interesting things about Chinese characters in Japanese that people may not know about, and that help us make sense of how these characters came to be the way they are now. They are certainly not trivial, but they are certainly not major impediments in the learning of the language either. Ready for more? Then read on!

Why are kanji so difficult to learn?

There are several reasons why Kanji, or Chinese characters in Japanese, are so difficult to learn:

1. The sheer number of existing characters

According to the Daikanwa Jiten dictionary, there are currently more than 50,000 Kanji in the Japanese language. Granted, there is absolutely no need to learn every single one of them to be sufficiently proficient in the language, but even a Japanese secondary school student would need to know thousands (more precisely 2,136, based on the standards of the Japanese education system) of them.

2. The huge number of possible pronunciations for each kanji

Each Kanji has its own set of Chinese pronunciations (on-yomi) and native Japanese pronunciations (kun-yomi) and some Kanji even have other miscellaneous pronunciations. For example, let us look at the Kanji 下, which has 8 different pronunciations:

Ka: 下降 (kakō) (‘descent’)
Ge: 上下 (jōge) (‘above and below’)

Shita: 靴下  (kutsushita) (‘sock’)
Shimo: 川下 (kawashimo) (‘downstream’)
Moto: 足下 (ashimoto) (‘at one’s feet’)
Kuda: 下さる (kudasaru) (‘give’)
Sa: 下がる(sagaru) (‘go down’)
O: 下ろす(orosu) (‘lower’)

There also exist alternative pronunciations that are neither Chinese nor native Japanese pronunciations known as ateji. For example, 今朝 (‘this morning’) should theoretically be pronounced konchō if one is using the characters’ Chinese pronunciations, or ima’asa using their Japanese pronunciations. However, it is usually pronounced kesa instead, bearing no resemblance whatsoever to the Chinese and Japanese pronunciations of its constituent kanji. Fortunately, characters using these alternative pronunciations and characters having as many pronunciations as 下 are not extremely common, although other characters still have on average, two to three different pronunciations.

With so many pronunciations for each Kanji, and so many existing kanji, it would seem that learning kanji requires a good memory.

3. Irregularities in simplification

Irregularities in the simplification of Kanji are a real pain in the neck for learners with background in any language that uses Chinese characters. This is because Kanji are somewhat of a hybrid between traditional and simplified characters and are therefore relatively confusing to people familiar with either. Furthermore, many of these characters were constructed by the Japanese and do not even exist in Chinese.

For example, for those who can read Chinese characters (simplified or traditional), how many of these characters can you read?

辻 榊 鰯 畑 峠

If your answer is all of them, you would have to be someone who is able to write Japanese, because these are exclusively native Kanji characters (‘kokuji’) that were invented in Japan and therefore do not exist in Chinese. There are actually hundreds of these! Now, try this set of characters:

広   亜   県   応   転   芸

They should seem vaguely familiar, yet one cannot quite put a finger on what they are. These are examples of simplified characters that deviate from the standard imposed by China and are therefore neither traditional nor simplified, eluding readers of both types of characters. Here are the corresponding traditional and simplified characters for comparison:

With all this in mind, it seems that the use of Kanji is pretty complicated, and to understand how it became as such, it is necessary to dive into the Classical period in Japan.Therefore, Kanji remains a challenge especially to people familiar with traditional or simplified Chinese characters.

A brief history of Kanji

Japanese began as a spoken language without its own script, and it was not until the fifth century that Chinese characters were imported to Japan via scholars returning from China. Thus, in the beginning, texts were written and read exclusively in Chinese, and the characters that were imported in this period were traditional characters, which served as the prototype for modern day Kanji. With the passing of time however, Hiragana and Katakana were devised by different parties to complement the kanji. This was when Kanji acquired their multifarious pronunciations. Kanji were semantically matched to their equivalents in Japanese and were pronounced as such. Taking the aforementioned example of 下, because the meaning of the character is ‘down’, any native Japanese word related to this meaning would be matched to it, such as orosu (‘to lower’), and shita (‘down’). These are the native Japanese pronunciations (‘kun-yomi’) that were mentioned earlier. On the other hand, Kanji can also be pronounced the way they were pronounced in Chinese when they were imported, and these pronunciations are the Chinese pronunciations (‘on-yomi’). In this way, one character can acquire multiple pronunciations.

With that many pronunciations, reading Kanji became rather cumbersome. To make things even worse, however, the Japanese government decided to gradually abolish Kanji during the post-war era. There are significant historical reasons for this, dating back to the Meiji Restoration in the 1800s, but to explore them would be outside the scope of this article. It will suffice to say here that Kanji were viewed more as an impediment than an implement, and therefore had to be eliminated.

Under this Kanji-abolition policy, the following reforms were carried out:

1.List of Kanji for General Use (‘Tōyō Kanjihyō’); released in 1946

As an immediate and complete abolition of Kanji would probably have been too extreme and would have caused many problems, especially in education, what was proposed instead was to remove Kanji slowly and systematically from the language, starting with the less commonly used characters. 1,850 common Kanji were chosen based on the frequency of their use, made into a list, and used to delineate official Kanji use.

2. List of Commonly Used Kanji (‘Jōyō Kanjihyō’); existed from 1923, but was replaced by (1) in 1946 until 1981

This list is similar to the ‘List of Kanji for General Use’ and existed before it. It was readopted in 1981, replacing the ‘List of Kanji for General Use’ and contained 95 more characters (for a total of 1,945 characters). It was revamped in 2010, adding 196 more characters and removing five characters that had been previously part of the list, creating the aforementioned total of 2,136 characters that secondary school students in Japan presently need to learn.

3. New Character Forms (‘Shinjitai’)

With the implementation of the List of Kanji for General Use, a simplification of the characters in the list was introduced as well. (This simplification was independent of a similar process of reform carried out by the People’s Republic of China in 1956 and 1964, which led to the jiantizi in Mandarin Chinese.)

The following table illustrates some of the changes that were implemented (simplified characters on the left):


Prima facie, the Japanese language seemed well on its way towards simplification. However, these reforms only made Chinese characters even more confusing than they originally were.

The implementation of the List of Commonly Used Kanji meant that certain Kanji compound words would have one part written in Kanji, and the other part written in Hiragana due to the fact that the second character was not within the stipulated list. This problem was termed ‘mixed writing’ (‘mazegaki’) and it made reading even more difficult than it was before. Some examples would be 憂うつ(yū’utsu, ‘depression’) and し好 (shikō, ‘liking’). In the latter case, the hiragana ‘shi’ could even be construed as the Hiragana that trail after a Kanji (‘okurigana’) of the previous word, or perhaps as a case marker from the previous clause, or even as a prefix, introducing significant ambiguity and confusion.

Furthermore, the simplification of the characters resulted in the disruption of word families. Words that contain the same radical or component share certain meanings, but due to the irregular simplification of Kanji, certain characters have been substituted or modified to an extent whereby the original shared meaning between these characters are lost. For example, the word 龍 (‘dragon’) was simplified to the character 竜 only in certain words (瀧 à滝) whereas the status quo was maintained in others (襲・籠). This can also be observed in the characters 專(à専) and 傳・轉(à伝・転).

With all these reforms in place, it is no wonder that Kanji have become so different, posing problems especially for learners familiar with Chinese characters. The inaugural reforms opened an orthographical Pandora’s Box, setting off a cascade of reforms to tackle the problems caused by preceding ones, only to further complicate Kanji use.

Should we then give up on Kanji?

However, despite all that I have written, I do not resent the reforms at all—Kanji have metamorphosed and will stay as such, whether we like it or not. They have become such an integral part of the Japanese language that to do without them would be communicative suicide. One of their most important functions is that they differentiate words that would otherwise sound the same. An extreme example of this would be the word kanshō, which has 21 different meanings; without the aid of Kanji, we would need to rely heavily on the context to infer its meaning.

The 21 meanings of kanshō represented by 21 pairs of Kanji

Furthermore, subtle nuances in meaning can be conveyed by judiciously choosing the appropriate Kanji to use in different contexts. For example, writing 探す (‘sagasu’) would mean that one is searching for something (perhaps something desired), while choosing another Kanji with the same pronunciation, 捜す, would mean that one is searching for something that is lost. Such a difference in meaning would be lost if were to use only Hiragana without Kanji, in which case we would represent both words with the Hiraganasagasu’.

Finally, on a purely aesthetic level, Kanji are really elegant as well. I must say that I have no rational or logical way of convincing you that this is the case, but there is simply an ineffable beauty in writing Kanji. Perhaps learners of Japanese or Japanese speakers themselves can identify with this, or even you, if you so choose to embark on learning Japanese.

Although the language reforms wreaked havoc on the use of Kanji, I find that Kanji makes Japanese unique and beautiful, and I really love it along with all its attendant idiosyncrasies and concomitant problems. Besides, it is pretty cool to have such a monster of a language under your belt, is it not?

72 Responses to “Kanji”

  1. I’ve studied linguistics at university and Ive been learning japanese for about 3 years now.
    Ive learned about 1500-1800 of the kanji in the basic vocabulary.

    I don’t see any reason to stick with the kanji at all.
    Its true that there are lots of homophones where the kanji have helped me determining the right meaning in WRITTEN text, but whenever I find posts arguing that a writing system is necessary to keep communication running, I must say: youre wrong.

    Languages work perfectly fine without the written word. Thats a basic truth known to everyone who has ever spent at least one semester in the subject that is linguistic. Our first writing systems date back just a few thousand years, until then people have been totally fine communicating without writing anything down.
    And up to this day, oral communication MUST work without written characters.
    And guess what: Even japanese works without kanji in oral communication in at least 99.9% of the cases, unless someone picks up a japanese dictionary listing all the 50.000 kanjis and their readings, and then picks the most uncommon word KNOWN to express a common word like “spices”, or whatever.

    German has about 240.000 words listed. Even the best of us might know about 10.000-20.000 words.
    Its the same with japanese and these ridiculous high numbers of homophones representing bazillions of meanings. People dont know them and therefore dont use them. They are perfectly fine not using them and instead can even go with paraphrasing the word they dont know.
    Thats how language has always worked and how it works until today.

    Except for china and japan, no asian country still sticks to the kanji. They have abolished them after using them for centuries. It is absolutely possible. For some reason however, large segments of the population in these countries oppose the abolishment of the kanji.
    But there is no reason big enough to justify a writing system that takes the natives 10 years to learn in its basics!
    Nobody uses that kanji in its 140 readings listed somewhere in some big fat dictionary, except maybe for the 0.0001% of academics who delve into the depths of japan older literature.

    Kanji ARE a huge cultural obstacle, not just for foreigners, but for the natives as well.
    Im not saying that they cant be fun to learn, but they are extremely impractical and their history shows that mostly the nobility has defended them in the past centuries. Of course only the nobility was really literate you might say. But there you have it. You can live perfectly fine and speak good japanese without knowing more than maybe the 300 kanji necessary to write the bills for your customers.

    I don’t want to be overly aggressive on this topic, but I really cant understand why so many defend this system. The little positive effects it has are largely overshadowed by the huge effort it takes to learn them. We now live in modern societies, where you need effective systems to communicate with each other. You dont need systems able to represent exotic words “in their full meaning”.
    Because of the many homophones, many argue that phonographic writing systems wont work with the japanese language. But I say it again: Homophones are mostly eliminated from the language users vocabulary by default. Our brains arent very good at loading the same signal with many utterly differing meanings. It takes us a lot of work to memorize this, and even more work decoding it correctly when youre in a live dialogue with someone.
    People automatically use the lexems which are easy to distinguish from each other. Thats the reason why languages usually are in constant change. And even japanese is, but unfortunately mostly in its spoken form. The written form is hampered by a dinosaur from millennia ago, which was originally used to write official documents, poems and maybe decorate the flags and signs of big festivities. Its not suited to be used on a daily basis without dumping huge loads of mental power and time to learn this overly complicated writing system.

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