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Reader's Poll: Computational Linguistics

by on June 2, 2015

So, this issue, we asked our readers what they thought Computational Linguistics was — here are some of your responses:

  • The most awesome and underrated branch of linguistics that is NOT all about programming… And stuff. Haha.
  • The use of computational methods to analyse linguistic data (such as the recent application of Bayesian MCMC methods to produce a dated tree for the origin of Proto-Indo-European). Alternatively, computational approaches to language, such as the development of grammars for the parsing of human speech, such as Head-driven Phrase Structure Grammar (HPSG) or Lexical Functional Grammar (LFG).
  • The study of programming languages?
  • Computer programming in words instead of 0s and 1s?
  • The kind of text programmers use to create websites and software.
  • Study of the funky language computers use to speak! Or even motorised things like robots and Siri!
  • The thing that makes SIRI work.
  • Like Google translate and stuff?
  • I think computational linguistics has to do with programming languages, and the science of programming.
  • A field of linguistics that involves human-computer interaction?
  • I think it’s a very big field and can’t be defined by e.g. one process.
    One thing may be that in computational linguistics computer science and linguistics are joined together to one field. It’s the processing of language with machines. Some people in that area make robots speak and others develop programs for blind people so that the computer tells them what they wrote.
    Another thing may be that the computer will be able to recognise a language by a given text or that he can transform a picture of a text in a text document.
    There’s many more, though.

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