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This week in languages October 27, 2017

by on October 27, 2017

20/10/2017–27/10/2017 Headlines Popular language learning application Duolingo will soon be launching their new course for Mandarin Chinese! Get notified when it’s out here. Over in Spain, the restive region of Catalonia might soon see the takeover of their public broadcasters and prime…

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This week in languages October 20, 2017

by on October 20, 2017

13/10/2017–20/10/2017 Headlines The Living Tongues Institute for Endangered Languages announced the publication of materials from their efforts to document the Gta’ language, an endangered Munda language spoken in Odisha and Andhra Pradesh in India. Check out their audiovisual archive of words,…

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This week in languages October 6, 2017

by on October 6, 2017

29/09/2017–06/10/2017 Headlines The United Nations officially celebrated International Translation Day for the first time on 30 September! The newly-minted International Day pays tribute to “the work of language professionals who play a vital role in facilitating dialogue and understanding among…

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This week in languages September 8, 2017

by on September 8, 2017

31/08/2017–08/09/2017 Headlines A new study published in Nature Human Behavior has shown that creoles—languages usually produced in “multilingual situations of extreme social upheaval” like colonial slavery—take their grammars from other languages instead of innovating grammar from scratch. According to Martin Haspelmath,…

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This week in languages August 18, 2017

by on August 18, 2017

This week’s round up compiles language news from the last fortnight. 04/08/2017–18/08/2017 Headlines Fascinated by science but terrified of its jargon? Fear not, for a free online programme called the De-Jargonizer has recently been created. The De-Jargonizer is capable of coding…

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